* Maps published by the CIA
*Germanic languages: a map
* Major Indian Languages
*Languages and scripts of India
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* Native American Languages
Native Languages of the Americas (Copyright: Native Languages of the Americas)
* Indian Tribes and Languages of South America
* Alaska Native Languages
*Aboriginal Languages of Australia (© 2003 David Nathan)
*Matthew Dryer: Linguistic Maps (Department of Linguistics, University at Buffalo)

Data banks

*SIL International
* British National Corpus
* Alaska Native Language Center
* The University of Texas Austin, Linguistic Research Center
* The Server, Accessible online publishing (formerly at Carnegie Mellon, now at the University of Washington)
* Terms, wordlists and dictionaries (South Sámi, Lule Sámi, and North Sámi)
* Nordisk Sprogkoordination
* Language Archive Survey Results
* University of Helsinki Language Corpus Server (UHLCS)
*AILLA: The Archive of the Indigenous Languages of Latin America.
*DOBES: Datenbank bedrohter Sprachen (© 2001 DoBeS (cf.
* TITUS: Thesaurs Indogermanischer Text- und Sprachmaterialen (Copyright Jost Gippert / Javier Martínez / Agnes Korn. Traduction française de Sylvain Patri.)
*The Universals Archive (Universität Konstanz, Fachbereich Sprachwissenschaft)
*Tatar language corpus
* Saami Language Technology
* Numeral Systems of the World's Languages
* Open Online Courses in Web Design @ 2014 F/K/A All rights reserved.

Dictionaries, Literature

* The Catholic Encyclopedia
* Leo: German-English - English-German Dictionary
* Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
*Third Course of Lectures on General Linguistics (Ferdinand de Saussure (1910))

Software, hardware, and standards for preparing data

* W3C
* Completely Free Web Building Tutorials
* Color names
* International Standard for Language Engineering (ISLE)
* ISO 639-2
* ISO-8859
* ISO/TC37/SC4, Samara James: Language Resource Management
* The International Phonetic Association
* Regular expressions in Java
* Dublin Core Metdata Initiative (DC)
* Open Language Archives Community (OLAC)
* Jukka K. Korpela (2003[2004). Unix-opas


* The World Factbook
* Association for Linguistic Typology (ALT)
* Living Tongues Institute for Endangered Languages
* Terralingua
* UNESCO: Red Book of Endangered Languages
* Linguist List
* Uralic languages: Links (the links are collected at the University of Tartu, Division of the Uralic languages)
* Nordic Treebank Netword
* ACL Anthology A Digital Archive of Research Papers in Computational Linguistics
* Building and Using Parallel Texts: Data Driven Machine Translation and Beyond HLT-NAACL 2003 Workshop, May 31, 2003
* Portal: The Guide to Computing Literature. The Web as a parallel corpus

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