The Dialect Dictionary of the Mordvin Languages Based on the Heikki Paasonen Materials

Introduction to the materials

"Мордовский словарь Х. Паасонена / H. Paasonens Mordwinisches Wörterbuch" ('The Dialect Dictionary of the Mordvin Languages based on the materials of Heikki Paasonen').


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Letter Units used in the Dictionary

The dictionary in separate documents by initial letter

A B C Cj Ch D
Dj E F G I J
K L Lj M N Nj
O P R Rj S Sj
Sh T Tj U V Z
Zj Zh

Word form links by source locale.

Approximated Erzya Literary Forms

Here you will find two sets of links by which to access headword variants in the dictionary of the Erzya and Moksha (Mordvin) languages and their dialects.
These two sets of links provide access to word forms in the example texts of the dictionary of the Erzya and Moksha (Mordvin) languages and their dialects.

Abbreviations used in the dictionary can indicate villages, districts and regions.

Original Content Count:
Macro articles 6,118
Sub-articles 20,726
Combinatory articles 35,775

Sub-articles with etymologies 4,741
Chuvash etymologies 84
Russian etymologies 3,580
Tatar etymologies 119
Turkic etymologies 85

A Second Try at PERL

Content of Second PERL
Macro articles 6,955
Sub-articles 22,571
Combinatory articles 36,689
Combinatory articles with Erzya and Moksha counted seperately 44,426
Combinatory articles with representation of both Erzya and Moksha 7,759
Lemma variations Total 74,219

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