Lauri Carlson


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In Finnish

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Abstracts and web publications

  1. Lauri Carlson, Maria Vilkuna, and Kimmo Koskenniemi. Unification based transfer. Proceedings on the ELS Conference on Computational Linguistics. European Language Services, IBM Norway, 1988.
  2. Carlson, L. (co-author) EAGLES Evaluation of Natural Language Processing systems. Evaluation of Translators' Aids.


English-Finnish Machine translation system (together with K. Lindén). Implemented in Common Lisp.
A simple development environment for unification grammar implemented in C. CPARSE has been compiled on DOS, MAC, Linux, and Windows.
A web-based terminology management program based on relational database and a cgi interface. Allows online distributed management of terminology through the web.
Infers a morphological transducer from paradigm sets. Implemented in prolog.

Book project

Tense, Aspect, Mood, Diathesis: Their Logic and Typology. Three-volume Book MS, 668 pp.
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