NODALIDA-2005 Meeting on Saturday 21st of May

Based on Kimmo Koskenniemi's suggestions in his talk on Past, present and future of language technology in the Nordic area as well as proposals from the audience the following topics were put on the agenda of the NODALI issues plenary session at NODALIDA-2005 in Joensuu (chaired by Joakim Nivre):

  1. Next Nodalida conference
  2. Founding of an association
  3. Founding of a journal
  4. Founding of a master's program
  5. History [How should/could an account of the history of language technology in the Nordic countries be collected and archived?]
  6. Terminology [Need for a Nordic multilingual language technology database?]
  7. Introductory material
  8. Resources

1. Next NODALIDA conference

Between two offers, one from the University of Gothenburg and the other from the University of Tartu, the plenary session decided to select Tartu. The 16th NODALIDA conference will be hosted there in the spring of 2007, probably in April.

Joakim Nivre was appointed chair of the Program Committee.

2. Founding of an association

There seemed to be general agreement on the potential usefulness of a Nordic association for language technology (e.g. in applying for funding or starting a journal).

A working group was established to discuss the details and do the actual planning; its members, elected again by acclamation, are Kimmo Koskenniemi (chair), Janne Bondi Johannessen and Joakim Nivre.

The working group will keep a web archive of its proposals and other materials. Also the existing NODALI mailing list will be used for the dissemination of information and discussion of issues raised by the working group. All NODALIDA participants who are not yet subscribers of NODALI are encouraged to join the list (see instructions at the bottom of this message).

3. Founding of a journal

After some exchange of ideas about possible scope, form, objective and name of a Nordic language technology publication the discussion was delegated to the same working group.

4. History

The task of assembling a history of language technology in the Nordic countries was assigned to the LT documentation centres; Koenraad de Smedt agreed to coordinate the effort.

There was not enough time to discuss the remaining issues.

(secretary of the session)