NODALI list: A mailing list for Nordic/Baltic language technology

A specific mailing list exists for Nordic/Baltic language technology news and serious discussion.

Subscribing to the list

One can subscribe to it by sending an email to:

The mail must be sent from your normal site and email system, so that the From field of the message will indicate the correct address where the messages from the list will be sent.

The subject and other fields do not matter, but the body of the mail message should consist of a single line:

subscribe nodali

Leaving the list

If you ever wish to leave the NODALI list, you should send a similar message to the same address, but you should replace 'subscribe' with 'unsubscribe'. Especially then, it is important that you send the message from the same system and address which you used when joining the list.

But alternatively, if you already have a different address, you can write 'unsubscribe nodali oldadress'.

If you move to another address

If your email address will change for some reason, you must first unsubscribe according to the above instructions from your old site, and then subscribe again from your new site.

Please, do not send request concerning such maintenance to the NODALI list itself. Send them to who maintains the list.

What to submit to the NODALI list

Especially welcome would be news like:

  • preparation or adoption Nordic or national language technology programs,
  • opening positions for language technology teachers and researchers,
  • new language technology projects or companies starting or new funding for research units or reorganisation of existing units,
  • calls and announcements for Nordic/Baltic conferences and events,
  • initiatives, propositions concerning language technology

How to submit messages to the NODALI list

First, make sure that you are a member of the NODALI list because only members may send messages to the list. Then, send an email message to nodali(@) (deleting the parenthesis from the preceding address). Make sure, that the subject of your message is informative and preferably consistent among possible previous messages about the same event or such. Be concise. Avoid sending HTML and especially DOC and RTF format data. Plain text is preferred.

What should not be sent to the NODALI list

In order to be useful, the volume of the list should be kept reasonable and the contents relevant and interesting. The obvious messages to be avoided are:

  • any spam messages (which will be mostly filtered away by automatic means,
  • circular or chain letters, in particular - even if the cause would appear to be acceptable to you,
  • requests for (un)subscribing yourself or someone else,
  • all so called flaming or personally oriented quarrelling.

At each instance, you are requested to consider whether e.g. a reply to a message on the list is relevant to everybody on the list, or only to the sender of the triggering message.

Submission policy

Presently, all members of the NODALI list are licensed to submit messages directly to the list. In case there will be any problems of excessive or improper messages, the senders might be removed from the list. Also, this open policy might be changed without prior warning, if too many inappropriate messages start to appear. Then, all messages would be checked and moderated before they would reach the list.

You are requested not to put the full and effective email address of the NODALI list to any web pages, but use some human (but not machine) readable expression such as above.

Kimmo Koskenniemi
the maintainer of the NODALI list