Nordic-Baltic Language Technology

These pages are intended to serve Nordic-Baltic language technology cooperation in several ways.

NODALI mailing list

First, these pages might help in coordinating the NODALI mailing list, which is located at nodali at There is a separate page for the NODALI list for its users.

Nordic/Baltic association

At the NODALIDA-2005 conference in Joensuu in May 2005, there was a session where plans were announced and discussed and certain actions were decided to be taken, see the minutes of the NODALIDA-2005 session:

The first action was the establishing of an association for language technology in the Nordic/Baltic area, and that is discussed at a separate page for the preparations of the forthcoming association.

Nordic/Baltic journal

The second action decided at the above session was the establisment of an electronic Nordic/Baltic journal of language technology with a referee system and high scientific standards. There is also a separate page for the journal effort.