(as adopted by the Fourth Scandinavian Conference of Linguistics at Hindsgavl Castle, Middelfart, Denmark on January 7, 1978)

I. Name and Purpose

1. This society shall be known as the Nordic Association of Linguists (abbreviated NAL).

2. Its aim shall be to advance linguistic research and study, especially in the Nordic Countries. It proposes to attain this aim
(a)     by publishing a journal, the Nordic Journal of Linguistics (NJL)
(b)     by publishing a newsletter, the Nordic Linguistic Bulletin (NLB), for the dissemination and exchange of information, as pertaining to linguistics in the Nordic countries and elsewhere
(c)     by arranging the International Conferences of Nordic and General Linguistics and the Scandinavian Conferences of Linguistics at regular intervals, and
(d)     by any other appropriate means as may be decided by the Association in due course.

II. Membership and Subscription

1. Individual voting membership in the Association is open to any person working in the field of linguistics or related areas of research.
2. Any institution concerned in any capacity with linguistics can be admitted to non_voting membership.
3. The subscription fee which includes the subscription fee for the newsletter is due on or before January 31 of each year. The amount of the fee is fixed by the Executive Committee. Members in default will not receive the publications of the Association. A member who has been in arrears for two years shall be dropped from membership.

III. Officers of the Executive Committee and Elections

1. There shall be an Executive Committee consisting of nine members, a President, a Vice_President, a Secretary, an information secretary whose duty it is to publish the Bulletin, a Treasurer, and four other members of the Association.  There shall be no deputies. The Editor of the Journal shall be called in as a voting member of the Executive Committee when questions relating to the Journal are being discussed.

2.  The election of members to the Executive Committee takes place annually at the Business Meeting or, alternatively, by mail. Only individuals who are members of the Association in good standing may vote and hold office.

3.  The members of the Executive Committee shall be elected for a period of three years, three members being elected each year. Their term of office begins on January 1 of the year following the one in which they were elected. No member of the Association is eligible for immediate re_election more than once. 

IV.  Operating Procedures of the Executive Committee

The Executive Committee shall convene at least once each year if possible. Notice of the meetings of the Committee shall be sent out to its members a month in advance at the latest. The Committee forms a quorum if at least five of its members are present. In the case of a tie, the President shall have the casting vote. The Committee shall have the power to take any action that the Association itself could take, but all its acts must be reported to the Association at its next Business Meeting. The Committee has the right to make decisions by mail, when necessary. There shall be an annual audit by two auditors elected by the Business Meeting or, alternatively, by an outside certified Public Accountant.

V.  Business Meetings of the Association

All individual members of the Association shall be given due notice of the Business Meeting of the Association, which shall be held in conjunction with the International Conferences of Nordic and General Linguistics or the Scandinavian Conferences of Linguistics. A quorum shall consist of those present at the Business Meeting.  Between Business Meetings the Executive Committee may on its own initiative, and shall at the request of no less than ten members of the Association, ask the members of the Association to vote upon specific proposals by mail. A quorum consists of the votes received within two months from the date of the letter to the members.

VI. The Editor of the Journal and the Editorial Board

The election of the Editor of the Journal takes place at the Business Meeting or by mail. The Editor shall be elected for a period of three years at a time. The Editor, in consultation with the Executive Committee,  shall appoint the Editorial Board, whose members shall likewise serve for a period of three years. The Editor and those serving on the Editorial Board must be members of the  Association in good standing. The Journal shall be published in accordance with the rules set forth in special instructions for the Editor and the Editorial Board.

VII. Amendments

These Bylaws can be changed on the proposal of the Executive Committee or at least ten individual members of the Association if the proposal is adopted by the Business Meeting and if, at a subsequent mail vote to the entire membership, the membership so decides by a two_thirds majority of the incoming votes.