Association for Nordic-Baltic Language Technology

The founding meeting

The Northern European Association for Language Technology (NEALT) was established in Gothenburg on 28 October 2006 in conjunction of the Swedish Conference on Language Technology (SCLT-2006). The constitution was finalized and temporary organs were elected until the NODALIDA-2007 conference in Tartu (on 25-26 April). The minutes of that meeting are also attached.

The working group consisting of Kimmo Koskenniemi, Joakim Nivre and Janne Bondi Johannesen was set at the afternoon session at the NODALIDA-2005 in Joensuu, in May. The task for the working group was to prepare a constitution (or bylaws) for an association for language technology covering the geographical area of Nordic and Baltic countries and NW Russia.

Relation of the Nordic organization with the ACL

Joakim discussed the possible configurations of ACL, EACL and our forthcoming association at the ACL meeting in late June. The following is one possible conclusion based on those talks.

The Nordic/Baltic organization could be independent with no formal ties to the ACL or EACL as there are already several such national organizations in Europe. Like these existing national or regional organizations, our organization might:

  • encourage its members also to join the ACL,
  • establish a good communicaton channel with the EACL,
  • coordinate dates and locations of conferences and events with ACL and EACL and possibly
  • organize joint events with the EACL.

Name of the association

Naming the area

Koenraad de Smedt pointed out that Northern Europe(an) might be more adequate name than Nordic and even Nordic and Baltic. Northern Euorope is much less strictly defined than Nordic, and it often includes Great Britain, Ireland and possibly even Germany and Netherlands, but on the other hand sometimes sometimes it excludes North-Western Russia. (See further comments on a separate page on Areas) This vagueness might be an asset here.


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