Kimmo Koskenniemi

I am a retired professor of Computational Linguistics at the University of Helsinki. I work at the Department of Modern Languages which, in turn, is part of the Faculty of Arts.

Contacting me

Vacations and absence:
21 - 22 Jan 2010: CLARIN EB, Brussels
29 Jan 2010: Langnet, Turku
2 - 4 Mar 2010: CLARIN Boards, Utrecht
18 - 19 Mar 2010: CSC Board
19 - 20 Apr 2010: CSC Board, Oxford
5 Jul - 8 Aug 2010: vacation
15 Jul 2010: SIGMORPHON-2010 Uppsala
22 - 24 Sep 2010: CLARIN EB, Paris
7 - 8 Oct 2010: BalticHLT-2010, Riga
18 - 19 Oct 2010: CLARIN Consortium. Vienna
8 - 9 Nov 2010: CLT, Gothenburg
10 - 11 Jan 2011: CLARIN EB, Madrid
20 Jan 2011: Langnet, Tampere
18 - 19 Apr 2011: CLARIN EB, Oxford
10 - 13 May 2011: NODALIDA, RIGA
30 June 2011: CLARIN Coordinators, Budapest
3 - 5 Oct 2011: Center for LT, Gullmarsstrand
27 Jan 2012: Jyväskylä, Langnet
21-22 May 2012, Stockholm, HS-J
23-25 July, FSMNLP-2012, Donostia
1 Aug 2012, Retirement
27-28 Aug 2012, Stockholm, HS-J
10-12 Oct 2012, CLT, Sweden
Electronic mail:
The most convenient way of contacting me is through electronic mail. The address is:
kimmo dot koskenniemi ät helsinki dot fi
which is given here in (an obvious but) encoded form to prevent some systematic misuse.
Ordinary mail:
Department of Modern Languages
Language Technology
P.O.Box 24 (Unioninkatu 40, 3rd floor, room A411)


My current research interests are within computational morphology and surface syntactic parsing. Finite-state two-level morphology is the area where I have had most success.

A raw list of my publications, and a PDF file of my dissertation, see the list of publications of the department, No. 11. (which is available for personal use)

More information in the TUHAT database of the University of Helsinki

More info

There is a picture of me (if you insist on seeing it), and even a more recent picture.

[FSF Associate Member]

"Man vill bli älskad,
i brist därpå beundrad,
i brist därpå fruktad,
i brist därpå avskydd och föraktad.
Man vill inge människorna någon slags känsla.
Själen ryser för tomrummet och vill kontakt till vad pris som helst."
-- Hjalmar Söderberg "Doktor Glas" 1905

"Ihminen haluaa olla rakastettu,
sen puutteessa ihailtu,
sen puutteessa pelätty,
sen puutteessa inhottu ja halveksittu.
Ihminen haluaa herättää toisissa jonkinlaisia tunteita.
Sielu kammoksuu tyhjyyttä ja haluaa yhteyttä toisiin hinnalla millä hyvänsä."
(Vapaa oma käännös)

When a friend would tell Carl Jung good news, about a promotion or a financial windfall, he would usually reply, "I'm sorry to hear that. If we stick together we can get through it." However, if a friend would talk of supposedly bad news, like being laid off from a job, he would say," Let's open a bottle of wine. This is wonderful news; something good will happen now."

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