3I Intelligent Interaction and Information Systems Group

3I is a research group in the Institute of Behavioural Sciences at the University of Helsinki.

Our research focuses on intelligent interaction and information systems, and our areas of expertise include:

  • Multimodal interaction
    • Constructive Dialogue Modelling
    • Interaction management
    • Paralinguistic communication
    • Corpus collection and annotation
  • Machine learning techniques
    • Clustering and classification of linguistic data
    • Learning and interaction

We currently work on multimodal corpus analysis (top-down human annotations and observations as well as bottom-up signal analysis) on naturally flowing human-human conversations and first encounter interactions, especially focussing on eye-gaze, face, and hand gestures, and their use in signalling turn-taking and feedback, in order to develop models for interaction techniques and strategies. Plese check details in the project page.

Within the NOMCO-project and the CICERO Learning Network, we organised the NordForsk Research Training School and The 3rd Nordic symposium on Multimodal Communication in Helsinki in May 2011.

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