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I am Adjunct Professor of Language Technology at the University of Helsinki where my recent teaching and research has dealt with Spoken Dialogue Management, Non-verbal communication, and Multimodality. I am Principal Investigator and Project Director of the research group 3I (Intelligent Interactive Information Systems).

I am also Visiting Professor of Intelligent User Interfaces in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Tartu, and give regular lectures there on dialogue systems, interaction management, corpus annotation and non-verbal communication analysis.

I am Adjunct Professor of Interaction Technology at the University of Tampere where I give lectures on multimodal interaction and cooperate with TAUCHI (Tampere Unit for Computer Human Interaction) on projects focussing on interactive systems.

I am a member of the Management Committee for the EU COST Action 2102 Cross-Modal Analysis of Verbal and Non-verbal Communication, and a partner in the Nordic collaboration project called NOMCO (Multimodal Corpus Analysis in the Nordic Countries).

I collaborate with many colleagues in Japan, especially with ATR/NICT (Kyoto), Doshisha Universtity (Kyoto), Nara Institute of Science and Technology, and Tokyo University.

I am (elected) Secretary of SIGDial (2004-), and also co-chaired the 3rd SIGDial workshop in 2002 in Philadelphia, together with Susan McRoy.

I was the programme chair for the 17th Nordic Conference on Computational Linguistics NODALIDA-2009, held in Odense, Denmark.

Together with Mike McTear and Jim Larson I co-chaired the Satellite Event Dialogues on Dialogues - Multidisciplinary Evaluation of Advanced Speech-based Interactive Systems at the Interspeech 2006 conference. The workshop discussions will continue on a special wiki-page dialoguetalk - please join in and contribute to the discussions!

At the University of Art and Design, I led the research group IDIS, Intelligent Dialogue Systems Group, focussing on innovative and adaptive human-computer interfaces. My past research projects are Interact, and the EU IST-project DUMAS (Dynamic Universal Mobility for Adaptive Speech Interfaces), which I coordinated together with Björn Gambäck.

I chaired the DUMAS final workshop at COLING 2004. I have also initiated and co-chaired the series of workshops on Knowledge and Reasoning in Practical Dialogue Systems, held at IJCAI-1999, IJCAI-2001, and IJCAI-2003.

Within the Nordic countries I have collaborated with colleagues from CST (Copenhagen), KTH (Stockholm) and University of Göteborg on the NorFA supported MUMIN (Multimodal Interfaces) network, and on a new project NOMCO (Multimodal Corpus Analysis in the Nordic Countries).

As for my background, I did my first degree in physics and mathematics at the University of Helsinki. I received my PhD in computational linguistics at UMIST (University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology) while working in the ESPRIT project PLUS (Pragmatic Language Understanding System). In my thesis, Response Planning in Information-Seeking Dialogues, I developed the Constructive Dialogue Model (CDM) which integrates the central concepts of cooperation and rational interaction into a working dialogue system.

I was awarded a Japanese Government JSPS Fellowship and worked in Prof. Matsumoto's Lab at the Nara Institute of Science and Technology, Japan (1994-96), and I was Invited Researcher at ATR Interpreting Telecommunications Laboratory in Kyoto (1997-98), doing research and development on speech processing and dialogue systems. I moved back to Europe to set up the research lab CELE (Centre for Evolutionary Language Engineering), at SAIL Trust NPO in Flanders Language Valley, Belgium, related to the speech technology company Lernout and Hauspie (1999-2000). For family reasons I came back to Finland in the beginning of 2001.

In the past years I have continued collaboration with my colleagues in Japan on non-verbal communication, interaction modelling, data collection, and eye-tracking experiments. I visited ATR/NICT in Kyoto thanks to the Academy of Finland support, and was the NICT Visiting Scholar for a whole year at the Doshisha University, Kyoto.

Here is a more comprehensive biography.

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