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Interspeech2006 - ICSLP Satellite Workshop

Dialogue on Dialogues

                      Multidisciplinary Evaluation of Advanced Speech-based
Interactive Systems

Endorsed by SIGDial

Immediately before the 9th International Conference on
Spoken Language Processing (Interspeech 2006 — ICSLP)

September 17, 2006, Pittsburgh, PA
!! NEW !! Programme & Practicalities

We invite position papers dealing with the design and development of robust and natural spoken dialogue systems: the lessons learnt from what has been done, where we are now, and where to go to. The papers should focus on experience and experiments with the current approaches, but also provide a wider perspective on the challenges that these viewpoints pose for the evaluation of dialogue applications from the usability point of view:

  • Do the enhancements have a positive effect on the system’s usability?
  • Do they work as expected?

    Especially, we welcome research papers on the application of human-centred evaluation methodology to advanced dialogue systems, so as to pinpoint where and how the research could be channelled into reasonable, user-friendly, and usable interactive systems. We aim to promote discussion on the possibilities for integrating natural interaction features with requirements of robust practical dialogue systems, and we also welcome discussion on the ideas and solutions for architectures and general frameworks for evaluation of interactive applications in general.

    The workshop is meant to cover both academic researchers as well as industrial partners. The target audience consists of researchers and system developers who share an interest in intelligent spoken dialogue systems and want to know about recent advances in robust speech and language processing.

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