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Dialogue on Dialogues

                      Multidisciplinary Evaluation of Advanced Speech-based
Interactive Systems

Endorsed by SIGDial

Immediately before the 9th International Conference on
Spoken Language Processing (Interspeech 2006 — ICSLP)

September 17, 2006, Pittsburgh, PA
!! NEW !! Programme & Practicalities

The workshop will be held in the main conference venue, the Westin Convention Center Pittsburgh, in the Westmoreland room.

The workshop fee is $35, and it covers logistics and refreshments. The fee will be collected at the beginning of the workshop, so please arrive in time for the registration. Please also ensure that you have cash, since we cannot accept credit cards.

As the workshop title indicates, discussions will become the highlights of the workshop: the workshop will consist of several dialogues on dialogues. We have organised the accepted papers into five thematic sessions, with each session using certain papers as the starting point for discussion on that particular theme. Since the presentation of the papers is meant to be a primer for discussions, their length is strictly limited so as to allow ample time to work on the particular themes and develop them further. Each session will also have a chair and a scriber who will summarize the main points of the discussions. The summarises will be posted on the workshop website afterwards.

You can find the workshop programme and slides here .
Please familiarize yourself with the papers in advance, and feel free to post any comments or questions to the authors or the whole workshop group and start a pre-workshop discussion.

We look forward to welcoming you to the workshop and to your contributions to exciting and interesting dialogues on dialogues!

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