Jyrki Niemi

Suomenkielinen versio

This English version of my home page contains only some of the information on my Finnish home page.
Some of the links on this page point to information in Finnish.

What I am doing at present

What I have done in the past

A couple of picks:

On my Finnish home page I have more information about myself. I still intend to translate more of it into English, too, but it has remained an intention for a number of years, so don‘t hold your breath…


Some links (partly in Finnish, some outdated)

Contact information

My home address and mobile phone number are
available by request.
Internet e-mail is usually the best way to contact me. My preferred addresses are:
Jyrki.Niemi@iki.fi, janiemi@iki.fi and Jyrki.Niemi@helsinki.fi
The first two iki addresses will continue to work even if I leave the university some day, but also the third address (the university one) will most likely work for at least a couple of years.

http://www.iki.fi/janiemi/en/index.html – http://www.ling.helsinki.fi/%7Ejaniemi/en/index.html
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