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Outlines for utilizing different types of lexical knowledge to the benefit of word sense disambiguation task.

Very sketchy, more of an outline of two dissertation projects.
(Co-authored with Steven Legrand.)


@ Iberamia-04

First findings using WSD system scores to predict where systems most probably go wrong. One possibly significant finding: hybrids do better with verbs than non-hybrids. It would make sense that system performance depends also on the target word and even sense.

A scratch of the surface if that proves to be true.


@ HLT-2005 (presentation)

A touch on the pre-stage of WSD: word sense discovery based on system scores. If systems frequently confuse two senses of a word, then perhaps those senses should be collated (in terms of application-specific requirements). Here machine translation grain is used as method target.

Regardless of results, using scores for both sense discovery and ensuing sense disambiguation is seen as beneficial for designing a component that contains both.


@ NLDB-05

<>Fuller description of the mySENSEVAL tool, system and database. More preliminary findings also provided. Particular emphasis on the effect of amount of training data, and how training resources for well-disambiguated words/senses could be reallocated.


@ IDDI workshop at DEXA-05

Assuming a disambiguated text, 2T is a method for automatically producing a two-term index (e.g. car-repairing, Windows-troubleshooting) out of domain text. Seen as completionary to full-text indexing, using same resources, while wreaking out another semantically meaningful 'layer' of search terms.

A precision of 90% is obtained at recall of 70%. Tested for English and Finnish, but is basically language-independent as well as light (not using syntactic trees but only lemma, POS and semantic category constraints).
        Posters New one from NLDB-05
mySENSEVAL tool operating principle and user interface
Symposium for Finnish Semantic Web ontologies project (fall 2004)
Using lexical knowledge in disambiguation. In Finnish.