2nd Workshop on NLP and XML

Taipei, September 1, 2002

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Workshop Topics

The goal of this workshop is two-fold: (1) to provide a forum for presentation and discussion of XML use in NLP (including resource and software development, applications, tools, etc.); and (2) to clarify the "big picture" for NLP applications and resources vis a vis the XML framework and development of the Semantic Web. As such, the workshop is intended not only for those already using XML, but also for members of the NLP community who seek a fuller understanding of the motivations and implications of XML and related standards for the field.

Topics to be addressed include:

  • Position statements concerning the implications of XML, RDF, and the Semantic Web for NLP resources and applications, together with examples
  • XML use for linguistic annotation, including overall data architecture, implications for editorial practices, linkage mechanisms and issues for NLP data, etc.
  • Definition of data models and data categories for NLP using XML, RDF, etc.
  • XML standards for NLP
  • XML-based generation (text, web pages, dialogue responses, etc.)
  • Use of XML mechanisms (schemas, XSL, XSLT, links, etc.) in specific applications/resources
  • XML aware NLP tools.

To complement submitted presentations on specific topics, projects, etc., we plan to include at least two overview presentations that take a broader view of XML mechanisms and the overall XML/RDF/Semantic Web architecture and place current and future work in that context. It is the intent that presenters of both of the overview talks will be informed by the more specific presentations in the workshop and attempt to identify the interactions among various activities (resource creation and annotation, application development, etc.) as well as the potential interactions with the RDF and Semantic Web layer. In this way, we hope to foster a more principled and comprehensive approach to XML use for NLP that can contribute to a global framework for the field.

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