2nd Workshop on NLP and XML

Taipei, September 1, 2002

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Within the NLP community, XML is accepted as the standard for data representation, especially for purposes of interchange and software interoperability. However, XML and the standards that surround it (XML schemas, XSL and XSLT, etc.) not only provide a standard representation format, but, more abstractly, also define a modeling language that has important ramifications for the ways in which we organize data, annotations, software architecture, etc. In addition, the Resource Definition Framework (RDF) and the Semantic Web define an overall architecture for resources of all kinds whose eventual implications for natural language processing are less well understood within the NLP community.

This workshop follows on from the 1st NLP and XML Workshop, which was held at NLPRS-2001 in Tokyo on 30 November 2001. The Tokyo workshop drew a large number of participants, demonstrating the interest in XML within the NLP community. We hope to establish an on-going series of NLPXML workshops, in order to enable communication and cooperative development of XML practices and standards for language resource creation and use, application development, etc.


(Image from 1st NLP and XML Workshop, Tokyo, 2001)

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