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    Anssi Yli.Jyrä, Ph.D., docent at the University of Helsinki,
      University Researcher, the University of Helsinki

I am a Finnish computational linguist involved in international collaboration at various levels. My research interests include:

My prior work includes:

My hobbies include violin playing, book reading and model construction.

current activities: | CV | Publications | Rule Compilation Theory | FsmReg | CLARIN | OpenAutomata | SIGFSM | JNLE Special Issue |

former projects: | Dissertation | KitWiki (at CSC) | ICT Localization Project (at CSC) | The Language Bank of Finland (at CSC) |

Postal address:

     Anssi Yli-Jyrä (room 311), Department of General Linguistics,
     P.O.Box 24 (Unioninkatu 40), 
     00014 University of Helsinki, Finland

Other contacts:

     firstname (dot) lastname-with-dash (at) helsinki (dot) fi

     Office. +358-9-19129317, Skype Online 358-9-23163155, Mob. +358-40-5933923, Fax +358 (09) 191 28313 
     Skype/home: anssiyj, Time: GMT+2 / Eastern European Time

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