Old Babylonian finite verb analyser v1.2.1

Aleksi Sahala 2010 (Updated 10.1.2012)
University of Helsinki

Short feature description

Program analyzes Strong, I-nun, I-waw, I-aleph, I-yod, II-infirmae, III-infirmae and quadriliteral verbs in G-, D-, Š-, N-stem present, perfect, preterite, imperative and stative. All personal affixes, datives, accusatives, ventive and consecutive are supported. Program is written mainly for Old Babylonian, but has also limited support for Assyrian.

The analysis includes a morphological deep structure, root radicals and verb's basic meaning. For example with input ultēšibšinātima, formatted as ulteecibcinaatima:

Analysis for 'ulteecibcinaatima':

[Initial-w][Š-Stem][Perf][3SG.M / 1SG.C][Acc. 3PL.F][Consec.] 
Morphological: /u-šTawšib-šināti-ma/ 
<->  /wšb/  'sit, dwell, be (located)'

Version history

- Fixed bug that prevented shorter than 4 character long inputs to be analysed, eg. šib

- Analyses are now color tagged
- History box removed as unnecessary feature
- !autocls command (automatically clear screen for new analysis)
- Program window is now resizable
- Slightly improved support for transliteration

- Support for II-infirmae
- Support for III-infirmae
- Complete support for strong quadriradicals
- Support for strong R, Rt and ŠD-stems
- Expanded lexicon
- Support for dual statives
- Support for post OB ventives /-ni/ and /-a/

- Dos console changed to GUI
- Unicode support.

Installing and running the analyser v1.2.1

Program is tested in Windows XP, Windows 2000 and Windows 7 (64-bit).
To install, create a folder and unzip the package there, start the program by running analyser.bat.

Download it here: BabylonianParser.zip (4203kb)

More detailed description: Manual.html

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