Aleksi Sahala
University of Helsinki

Computational linguistics / Assyriology

Sumerin peruskurssi
25.09.2012 Sumerin peruskurssi
Kurssisivut 2013.
Essays on Assyriology
16.02.2014 Enuma Eliš [New]
Finnish translation of Enuma Elish. Will be updated.
25.09.2012 Akkadian verb list
Generated list of 1936 Akkadian, Assyrian and Babylonian verbs.
25.05.2011 Katsaus Mesopotamian historiaan (Only in Finnish)
Katsaus Mesopotamian historiaan: Gilgameshista Aleksanteri Suureen.
05.08.2010 Extra-graphemic phonemes in Sumerian
Notes on the controversial extra-graphemic phonemes /dr/, /gb/, /l2/, /H/ and /o/ in the Sumerian language.
Software and related
16.09.2012 Babyparser 2.3 [Updated 29.09.2014]
Babylonian finite verb analyzer 2.3
27.08.2012 Windows keyboard layout 2.0 for Assyriologists
Finnish keyboard layout with symbols used in Assyriological studies (v2.0). Now supports subscript numbers and much more.
29.05.2010 Unicode for Assyriologists
List of unicode characters used in cuneiform notation.
29.04.2009 Akkadian finite verb analyser v1.2.1
Program for analyzing Akkadian finite verbs.
01.12.2008 Rockford Remake
A remake of old the best Boulder Dash clone ever created. Uses Rocks'n'Diamonds engine.
21.07.2010 Sumerian messages in The Fourth Kind (2009)
Comments and speculative translation of the alien message portrayed in the movie.
Grammars and related
03.08.2010 Johdatus Nāhuatlin kielioppiin
An introductory grammar of Classical Nahuatl, written as a course work in 2006. This is only available in Finnish.
Electronic orchestral music written by me
04.08.2014 Galatian march
My entry for the Assembly Summer 2014 music competition.
02.05.2013 Returning home
02.05.2013 Carnelian waltz
02.05.2013 Purple dreams
My entry for the Assembly Summer 2010 music competition.
10.08.2010 Archive
More music on a separate page.