Multilingual Resource Collection of the University of Helsinki Language Corpus Server (UHLCS):
Organization of the UHLCS at the CSC

Obs. Sept. 17, 2015, updating:
The data received after Aug. 2015 are documented only on the following websites: Database.

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* Languages

* Metadata Descriptions


* New Location of the UHLCS

* Organization of the Directories and the Corpora on the UHLCS

* Character Encoding

* Documentation and Conservation of the Corpora; Categorial Encoding

* Unix Groups and Users' Licences

* On the Copyrights and the Rights and Duties of the Users

* Editing the Corpora of the UHLCS

* Licences:
The electronic computer account application form in English
Suomenkielinen sähköinen korpusten käyttölupahakemus

Working group: Kimmo Koskenniemi, Pirkko Suihkonen, Eero Vitie and Tero Aalto.
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