On the Copyrights and the Rights and Duties of the Users

  1. The licences

    1. The scope of the usage of the corpora is defined in the contracts done between the owners of the corpora and the Department of General Linguistics, University of Helsinki. Depending on the scope of the licence, the corpora can be used as research material, as material in research and teaching, as material in non-commercial language technological applications, and most of the corpora can also be used as material in such "commercial linguistic technological or other applications which do not transgress copyright law". In the contract on connecting different language corpora in electronic form or which can be converted into electronic form in order to be adjusted at the University of Helsinki Language Corpus Server the usage of the corpora is defined as follows:

    2. 1. ... For the databanks of different languages made up of the electronic texts/language material, the material will be processed both manually and electronically, but their contents shall not be changed. For example, information about clauses, paragraphs, word classes or other linguistic properties which are required for the academic research into the material as well as the data required when processing the material electronically can be linked to the texts/language material."

    3. 5. "According to the Agreement the Department of General Linguistics of the University of Helsinki is not permitted to transfer the usufruct."
  2. On the copyrights and the access to the data

    1. The copyrights are defined with the contracts done between the Department of General Linguistics and the data owners. The copyrights defined with the contracts are based on the Copyright Law. The copyrights must be taken into account also in the "Computer account application for the use of the corpora at the UHLCS" (The computer account application form).

    2. 2. "The usufruct of the texts/language material shall be free of charge, and the Holder of the Right does not have the rights to the results of the research. Those who promoted the construction of the language bank will be described in the brochures and documents produced and published by the language bank."

    3. 3. "The texts/language material will not be used in their entirety, but in parts size of which do not have commercial significance and which, as such, have no literary value."

    4. 4. "The Department of General Linguistics of the University of Helsinki will be responsible for the appropriate data security of the language bank's material. The language bank can be used only by those who have been granted an individualized licence on application. Each user shall sign an agreement in which the user undertakes to obey the restrictions concerning the use of each text or piece of language material and the requirements of copyright law. The Holder of the Right and the restrictions concerning the usufruct of the texts/language material agreed in '1 of the Agreement will be mentioned in connection with each text or piece of language material."
    5. New corpora

    6. The copyrights of the new data that will be adapted at the UHLCS must be defined with the contracts.

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