Dear Sir or Madam,

Kazan State University welcomes you to take part in the International Symposium on Argument Structure and Grammatical Relations in Languages Spoken in Europe and North and Central Asia.

For your visa to be processed you need to send via e-mail:

*A copy of the passport page with a photo.

*Required data for making an invitation:

*Last name and first name as they are put in the passport
*Date of birth
*Number of the passport
*Dates of validity of the passport
*Place of employment
*Work address
*The place where you will receive a visa in your country, the name of the city where the Russian embassy or the consulate is situated.
*Dates of stay in Russia

Your invitation will be sent from Kazan by mail. Then, we will send via e-mail the number of the telex which you can get in the embassy and the date when you can receive your invitation in the stated embassy or consulate.


You need to bring your passport and visa to the reception of hotel complex "Vasil'evskij" were the symposium will be arranged. Our telephone number is +7 84 3261 6914, fax number +7 8432 387 418 (International department), and e-mail:

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