13 publications appeared in the so called "Blue Series" of the Linguistic Association of Finland between the years 1977-1987. Click here for a list of the "Blue Series" and other early SKY publications. In 1988-1998 SKY published a Yearbook. From 1999 on the traditions of the SKY Yearbook are continued by SKY Journal of Linguistics.

SKY Journal of Linguistics is a refereed general linguistic journal published on an annual basis. It contains articles, short essays or so-called "squibs" and book reviews. SKY Journal of Linguistics welcomes papers on all aspects of linguistic research. Every article is refereed by at least two anonymous referees, after which the editors make the final decision of publication. The languages of publication are English, French, and German. Articles can be submitted throughout the year, but the deadline for each year’s issue is May 31st. The style sheet is available from the editors. (Or: click here for an online version: style sheet.)

Advisory Editorial Board of the SKY Journal of Linguistics: Raimo Anttila (UCLA), Markku Filppula (University of Joensuu), Auli Hakulinen (University of Helsinki), Orvokki Heinämäki (University of Helsinki), Marja-Liisa Helasvuo (University of Turku), Tuomas Huumo (University of Turku), Irma Hyvärinen (University of Helsinki), Juhani Härmä (University of Helsinki), Esa Itkonen (University of Turku), Fred Karlsson (University of Helsinki), Ulla-Maija Kulonen (University of Helsinki), Marja Leinonen (University of Tampere), Jussi Niemi (University of Joensuu), Urpo Nikanne (Åbo Akademi University), Martti Nyman (University of Helsinki), Mirja Saari (University of Helsinki), Helena Sulkala (University of Oulu), Marketta Sundman (University of Turku), Kari Suomi (University of Oulu), Maria Vilkuna (Research Institute for the Languages of Finland), Jan-Ola Östman (University of Helsinki).

The Editors of the 2002 SKY Journal of Linguistics:

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