University of Helsinki, September 2-4, 1999

  • Anu Airola, University of Helsinki
    From Data to Constructions

  • Arto Anttila, Boston University & Vivienne Fong, National University of Singapore
    The Choice of Case in Finnish Part-whole Expressions

  • Jóhanna Barddal, Lund University
    Case and Argument Structure Assignment in Icelandic

  • Hans C. Boas, University of California at Berkeley/University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
    Matrix Verbs, Postverbal NPs and Secondary Predicates: Why Does the Result Matter?

  • Esther Borochovsky, Tel Aviv University
    The Link between Structure and Meaning in Verbs Denoting Transfer of a Message

  • Patrick Brandt, Utrecht Institute of Linguistics OTS
    Definite Datives

  • Beaumont Brush, SUNY-Buffalo Linguistics
    Mental Predicates in Semantics and Complementation

  • Ruth Carroll, Pembroke College
    The Stability of Syntactico-semantic Links Diachronically in English

  • Kristin M. Eide & Tor A. Aafarli, NTNU, Trondheim
    Semantically Charged Syntax and the Construction of Meaning

  • Raffaella Folli, Oxford
    Causative/Inchoative Alternations in Italian

  • Suvi Honkanen, University of Helsinki
    Verbs of Vision in Contemporary and Old Written Finnish

  • Timo Järvinen, Conexor oy
    Nucleus-based Models and a Parallelism between Syntax and Semantics

  • Seppo Kittilä, University of Turku
    Syntax and Semantics of Transitivity Alternations

  • Marcus Kracht, Berlin
    Case at the Syntax/Semantics Interface

  • Pekka Lahdenmäki, University of Helsinki
    Binding Theories and Finnish Possessive Suffixes

  • Jaakko Leino, University of Helsinki
    What Do You Think, and How? On the Syntax and Semantics of the Finnish että clause

  • Dianyu Li, Australian National University
    Causatives and Causative Constructions in Mandarin

  • Anikó Lipták, HIL/University of Leiden
    Types of Distributivity and Distributive Quantifiers

  • Anikó Lipták, HIL/University of Leiden & Malte Zimmermann, HIL/University of Amsterdam
    A Cross-linguistic Analysis of Binominal each

  • Lennart Loenngren, University of Tromsoe
    Cross-level Synonymy

  • Tamara Loenngren, University of Tromsoe
    Causal Constructions with the Word abie in Old Russian

  • Satu Manninen, University of Edinburgh
    Hierarchical Structure, Linear Order and the Theory of Layered vPs

  • Sergio Meira
    Split Intransitive Systems in South America - Two Case Studies

  • Cristina Monzón, Colegio de Michoacán
    Abstract and Specific Meanings of Space Morphemes in P'urhepecha

  • Diane C. Nelson, University of Leeds
    Linking Causatives and Experiencers

  • Fabrice Nicol, University of Paris-III
    Lexical Constraints on the Syntactic Derivation of French Inalienable Possession Structures

  • Esa Penttilä, University of Joensuu
    Do a/an X as an Idiomatic Construction in English

  • Marja Pälsi, University of Helsinki
    Finnish Resultative Sentences

  • Josep Quer, Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona
    The Role of Aspect and Mood in Subtrigged Free Choice

  • Jarno Raukko, University of Helsinki
    Do Relevant Semantic Divisions in Polysemy Match Syntactic Divisions?

  • Ruth H. & Alton F. Sanders, Miami University
    Using a Typically Syntactic Method to Describe Semantics in a Parser of German

  • Mari Siiroinen, University of Helsinki
    Experiencer: Subject, Object or In Between

  • Ida Toivonen, Stanford University
    Particles, Linear Order and Meaning in Swedish

  • Ildiko Toth
    Quasi-universal and Quasi-existential Readings and Inflected Infinitivals

  • Maija Vilkkumaa, University of Helsinki
    Paths and Directions: An Analysis of the Finnish Verbs jäädä and jättää

  • Etsuyo Yuasa, Ohio State University
    Categorial Mismatch in Syntax and Semantics and Diachronic Change

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