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Symposium to be held in Helsinki, November 14-15, 2003

First Circular, October 6th, 2003

Dear Participant,

We are pleased that so many of you will be participating in the symposium "Syntactic Functions - Focus on the Periphery" organized by the Linguistic Association of Finland, November 14-15, 2003. The symposium will take place in Helsinki in The House of Sciences - or Tieteiden talo in Finnish (street adress: Kirkkokatu 6). The symposium web page http://www.ling.helsinki.fi/sky/tapahtumat/synfunct/synfunct.shtml contains a link to a map of Helsinki with a searchable street index.


The deadline for registration is October 30, 2003. If you have not yet confirmed your participation we kindly ask you to register by e-mail to the address synfunct-organizers@ling.helsinki.fi.

Registration fees:
  • general: EUR 50
  • members of the association: EUR 25
  • undergraduate students free
Participants from abroad are requested to pay in cash upon arrival. Participants from Finland may send the registration fee by giro account no 800013-1424850 to The Linguistic Association of Finland (SKY) / Symposium or pay in cash upon arrival. If you pay to the account of the association, please do remember to write the code SYNFUNCT, as well as your name, so that we will know exactly who has already paid.


The preliminary program of the symposium as well as the abstracts for the section papers are now available at http://www.ling.helsinki.fi/sky/tapahtumat/synfunct/synfunctprog.shtml. Participants presenting a paper or a poster are kindly asked to check their abstracts on the web and let the organizers know if there are any problems.


Please do remember that your presentation may not exceed 20 minutes (+ 10 min for discussion). If you present examples on transparencies or handouts from languages other than English, we ask you to gloss them.


Participants presenting a poster are invited to give a short oral presentation of the poster (max. 3 minutes!) on Friday morning directly after the first plenum. Please do not hesitate to use this possibility. The proper poster section will be held on Friday and Saturday afternoon during the coffee breaks in the exhibition hall on the 5th floor. At this time, we expect the poster authors to be available presenting the posters and answering questions. We kindly ask the poster authors to hang up their posters in good time on Friday morning in the exhibition hall on the 5th floor. One of the organizers will help you. The posters should be removed directly after the closing of the symposium on Saturday evening.

Technicalities for posters:

The maximum size of the poster is 94 cm (width) x 104 cm (altitude). The text should be preferably bigger than smaller, for the simple sake of legibility. The authors can freely choose what is the best way to present the results of the study. The poster may readily contain examples, tables, figures, illustrations, colours etc. You can print your whole poster on a large paper sheet. Alternatively, you may also use ordinarily "cut and paste techniques" compiling the poster of several separate smaller paper sheets. Please do not forget to gloss examples from languages other than English! You can also prepare handouts if you want the audience to get more closely acquainted with your research. We kindly ask you to make the copies of the handouts before arrival.


The symposium web page also contains a link to the City of Helsinki Tourist Office, where, in addition to all kinds of useful information, you can find a link to the Hotel Booking Center. You can access the Hotel Booking Center directly from http://www.helsinkiexpert.fi/default.asp?intSiteID=2. Their contact information is:

Hotel Booking Centre / Hotellikeskus
Rautatieasema, länsisiipi
FIN-00100 Helsinki
tel. + 358 9 2288 1400, fax + 358 9 2288 1499,
email: hotel@helsinkiexpert.fi


Your e-mail address has been added to the list synfunct-participants@ling.helsinki.fi. This address reaches all the participants of the symposium. If you have any questions, please use the address of the organizing committee synfunct-organizers@ling.helsinki.fi, as before.

Looking forward to seeing you all in November,
The organizers
(Juhani Klemola, Marja Etelämäki, Soili Hakulinen, Jarmo Jantunen, Seppo Kittilä, Leena Kolehmainen, Harry Lönnroth, Matti Miestamo)

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