The Workhop will be held in the old Anatomy Building on Siltavuori Hill, on the northern edge of the City Center Campus Area of the University of Helsinki. The Department of General Linguistics is currently located in the old Anatomy building, as are the Departments of Philosophy as well as Social and Moral Philosophy.

MAPS: General / Campus [Anatomy building located to the immediate right of the building marked #26] / Simplified

View north on Siltavuorenpenger (just past the upper end of Snellmaninkatu) towards Siltavuori,
with the old Anatomy building to the right
in its characteristic light blue hue
Inside view of Auditorium 107

The invited keynote talks as well as the oral presentations in the General session will be held in the old Auditorium, which was originally used for instruction on work with corpora in the medical sense of the word.

The Poster Session and Reception will be held in the Hall immediately next to the old Auditorium, where also coffee and refreshments will be served during the shorter breaks.

The closest place to have lunch is the Olivia cafeteria, which is in the brand-new Minerva building barely visible in the left picture above, squeezed between and behind the old Anatomy and Physiology buildings to the front. In the summer, weather permitting, one can eat outside.

The price of lunch in student/personnel cafeterias such as Olivia is approximately 4-5 euros; in other cafeterias and restaurants the lunchtime meal price is somewhat higher at 8-12 euros.

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