Information for all Presenters

An abstract booklet will be prepared for the Workshop, to be distributed to all participants. We kindly ask all presenters to go through the reviewers' comments and suggestions, pertaining both to the content and the English language, and revise their abstracts accordingly.

The revised abstract should be no longer than four A4 pages long including all references, tables, figures, etc. When submitting the revised abstract, please use the official template (download here the Word .DOC template file or its .PDF version) and keep to its styles and formats (for IPA characters, please use Doulos SIL font). This will enormously ease our job when compiling the abstract booklet.

We request the presenters to send the final, revised version of your abstract as both the original Word doc-file and a pdf-file.

The deadline for the final, revised abstracts is Monday, 5th of May. These should be sent to us by email to "qitl-3 at helsinki dot fi".

Information for oral presentations

The Auditorium has a PC with an Internet connection and MS/Windows as well as MS Office (i.e. Powerpoint) installed, a data projector, an overhead projector, and a blackboard. The Auditorium has blackout curtains in order to keep out the bright and long summer light.

Each presenter is allotted 30 minutes for the presentation itself plus 10 minutes for discussion, thus adding up in all to 40 minutes. The daily schedule is interspersed with breaks to allow for any further discussion. In order to facilitate following presentations, we recommend copying beforehand and bringing with you at least forty (40+) handouts.
(Adding up all the full-time participants and organizers currently comes just below 40 people, in addition to which there will most probably be additional participants to individual presentations

We would appreciate receiving your presentation prior to the Workshop by email to "qitl-3 at helsinki dot fi" in order to guarantee that it will technically come out fine. At the very least, each presenter should copy his/her presentation onto the local Auditorium computer in good time beforehand (e.g. during a preceding break), as well as double-check that the presentation works and appears as it should on the local computer and data projector.

Information for poster presentations

The Poster Session will take place on Monday, 2 June 2008, during 17.40-19.00, in the Hall immediately adjacent to the Auditorium (in the same space where the coffee and refreshments are served during the shorter breaks). The Poster Session will double up as a Reception with appropriate refreshments (wine, snacks and the like).

Each poster should be maximally A0 (upright, i.e. portrait) in size. It is also recommendable that you print A4 size handouts of your poster.

We will provide stands and pins/thumbtacks for the posters, with the goal that presenters can put up their poster earlier on Monday, hopefully already during the lunch break that same day.

For posters, too, we we recommend copying beforehand and bringing with you at least forty (40+) handouts.

Poster Introductions

Prior to the actual Poster Session we have set aside a short period, called Poster Introductions in the program (at 17.20-17.40), during which each presenter of a poster can briefly announce in the Auditorium to all workshop participants (1) himself/herself, (2) his/her affiliation, (3) the title of one's poster, as well as (4) its topic and most central point(s).

The idea of the Poster Introductions is to develop the audience's interest to hear more in the Poster Session to follow, but not to try to tell the entire story. Thus, the time allotted per each poster presenter will be very short, 1-2 minutes, and the introduction of all posters and their presenters is intended to take maximally 20 minutes. The Poster Session will commence immediately after the Poster Introductions are completed.

Consequently, as we currently envision the Poster Introductions we will ask beforehand for a two-slide Powerpoint presentation with the first slide containing the name and affiliation as well as the poster title and the second the main point(s) of the poster. This should be sent to us prior to the Workshop, preferably by email to "qitl-3 at helsinki dot fi".

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