Poster session

Monday, 17.40-19.00

Enghels, RenataUniversity of GhentHow word order frequencies reveal cognitive schemes: a Romance case study
Fenk, August & Gertraud Fenk-OczlonAlps-Adriatic University of KlagenfurtWord order and frequency
Grondelaers, Stefan; Dirk Speelman and Roeland van HoutRadboud University Nijmegen, University of LeuvenConstructional near-synonymy, individual variation, grammaticality judgments – and the devil's advocate
Jakic, Milena; Aleksandar Kostic; and Ducica Filipovic DurdevicUniversity of Belgrade, University of Novi SadThe influence of the word connection type of the facilitation effect in the lexical decision task
Kaiser, ElsiUniversity of Southern CaliforniaLooking past the pronoun
Melikeshvili, IrineTbilisi State UniversityQuantitative relationships of phonemes and markedness hierarchies of the features voiced/voiceless and front/back
Sellgren, ElinaUniversity of TampereExploring competing patterns of verb complementation: Prevent in the British National Corpus
Serbezova-Martínez, LilianaNorwegian University for Science and TechnologyTwo types of verbs of turning in Bulgarian