Poster introductions (Minute-by-minute schedule)

Monday, 17.20-17.40

17.20-17.22Enghels, RenataUniversity of GhentHow word order frequencies reveal cognitive schemes: a Romance case study
17.22-17.24Fenk, August & Gertraud Fenk-OczlonAlps-Adriatic University of KlagenfurtWord order and frequency
17.24-17.26Grondelaers, Stefan; Dirk Speelman and Roeland van HoutRadboud University Nijmegen, University of LeuvenConstructional near-synonymy, individual variation, grammaticality judgments – Can careful design and participant ignorance overcome the ill reputation of questionnaires?
17.26-17.28Jakic, Milena; Aleksandar Kostic; and Ducica Filipovic DurdevicUniversity of Belgrade, University of Novi SadThe influence of the word connection type of the facilitation effect in the lexical decision task
17.28-17.30Kaiser, ElsiUniversity of Southern CaliforniaLooking past the pronoun
17.30-17.32Melikeshvili, IrineTbilisi State UniversityQuantitative relationships of phonemes and markedness hierarchies of the features voiced/voiceless and front/back
17.32-17.34Sellgren, ElinaUniversity of TampereExploring competing patterns of verb complementation: Prevent in the British National Corpus
17.34-17.36Martínez, LilianaNorwegian University for Science and TechnologySome thoughts on the semantics of non-straight paths