'Manner' in the Theory of Language

Symposium to be held in Tampere, August 20-21, 2007

The purpose of the symposium is to concentrate on the theoretical issues concerning the category/feature 'Manner' in different linguistic theories and different domains of language meaning, structure, and use. We invite papers addressing theoretical questions as well as papers taking a specific (empirical) viewpoint on one (or more) particular language(s).

Manner is a category that comes up in various parts of language description: syntax, semantics, pragmatics, discourse studies, phonology, prosody research, etc. Manner is used often as a feature that makes two otherwise similar categories different from each other. However, it is not always clear what kinds of phenomena count as 'manner.' For instance, the adverbs of manner can refer to many different kinds of phenomena which seem to have nothing in common. Thus, it is worth taking a closer look to 'manner' in order to come up to a treatment of the various phenomena that are called 'manner'.

Irrespetive of the theoretical framework, the treatment of 'manner' is a relevant topic. In the symposium, different linguists can learn from each other's ideas of how to treat the phenomena called 'manner' in a way that helps us to really understand it better.

Problems concerning the topic are for instance the following: We encourage contributions broadly from diverse areas of linguistics, including traditional theoretical linguistics, experimental psycholinguistics, linguist working on spoken language, historical linguistics, grammar, constructions, text, etc.


Symposium venue:

University of Tampere, Pinni Building, Kanslerinrinne 1, Tampere.
For further information on the location, see the University of Tampere

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