'Manner' in the Theory of Language


Ad Backus Contact-induced language change: can we predict what will change and what won’t? (pdf)

Anneli Pajunen Manner expressions in Finnish (pdf)

Antti Arppe Manners of THINKing in Finnish (pdf)

Casper de Groot Hungarian and Dutch depictives, manner and parts-ofspeech systems (pdf)

Els Tobback "The "comme NP" construction in French: manner adverbial and predicative complement" (pdf)

Estelle Moline & Marianne Desmets Manner and degree in French comparison and in exclamative constructions(pdf)

Jörg Meibauer Do we need the M-Principle? (pdf)

Kerstin Hansson Manner adverbials in German - a semantic and conceptual approach(pdf)

Kimmo Granqvist Manner adverbs in Finnish Romani (pdf)

Martin Renz Exploring the boundary between manner and state - The case of participantoriented adverbs in Polish(pdf)

Matthias Weisgerber The Algorithmic Lexicon: Towards a Conceptual Semantics Model for Motion (pdf)

Riitta-Liisa Valijärvi Lexicalization of converbs into manner adverbs in Finnish (pdf)

Srija Sinha Use of Manner adverbials in Shivanis short stories: a corpus-based study (pdf)

Tuija Virtanen Suddenly, irretrievably, happily? Exploring adverbials of manner in written English (pdf)

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