Helsinki, 17 August 2001

Dear Participants,

We are looking forward to meeting you all in Helsinki on the 29th of August. This letter contains some up-to-date information about the symposium.

The symposium will be held at the House of Sciences (Tieteiden Talo), in lecture rooms 104 and 505. The exhibitions will take place in the 5th floor hall. As a reminder: the address is Kirkkokatu 6, Helsinki. The symposium web page contains a link to a map of Helsinki with a searchable street index.


The program of the symposium has undergone some changes. Unfortunately, Stephen Wurm has had to cancel his plenary lecture for health reasons, and there are a couple of other cancellations, as well. Please check the changes in the web


Please note that there will be no special abstract booklet. If you wish to have the abstracts of the presentations on paper, you should print them yourself. They can be found at:

If you have paid the participation fee in advance, please take the receipt with you. If you plan to pay upon arrival, note that we can only accept cash payment.


On Wednesday evening, a small reception will be held at the House of Sciences after the presentations.

On Friday evening, there is an informal dinner at 19.30 at the restaurant Panimo on the Suomenlinna fortification island. It will be a buffet in the "archipelago style". The price of the dinner is 100 FIM. Since the restaurant needs to be informed of the number of people taking part in the dinner in advance, we will be asking you to register for the dinner on Wednesday morning. The menu will be available at the registration desk.


When taking copies of your handouts, please note that the number of participants is around 110 and that the presentations are divided into two sections.

Both lecture rooms have an overhead projector and a blackboard. If you need any other equipment, let us know prior to the symposium. Please remember that the presentation should not exceed 20 minutes (+8 minutes for discussion).


Helsinki City Transport offers a five-day tourist ticket for 75 FIM (also available, 3-day ticket for 50 FIM and 1-day ticket for 25 FIM). This ticket also enables you to travel to the Suomenlinna island, which is where the dinner will take place on Friday night. For further information (e.g. where to buy tickets etc.), visit


If you have any questions, please use the address of the organizing committee, as before. The address reaches all the participants of the symposium.

Welcome to Helsinki!

On behalf of the organizers,
Matti Miestamo

Ps. The weather in Finland is unpredictable. In the end of August, it may still be warm, but be prepared for autumn temperatures!

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