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Symposium to be held in Turku, in August 21-22, 2006

**** First Circular, June 13, 2006 ****

The Linguistic Association of Finland organizes the symposium "Structure and Context" August 21-22, 2006. The symposium will take place in Turku in the Humanities building "Arken" of the Åbo Akademi University (street address: Tehtaankatu 2).


The preliminary program of the symposium as well as the abstracts for the section papers are now available. In addition to plenary lectures and section papers, the program includes two workshops. Dr. Seppo Kittilä (University of Turku/Helsinki) and Dr. Leonid Kulikov (University of Leiden) will organize a workshop on "Diachronic typology of voice and valency-changing categories". The workshop will run as a separate parallel session for the duration of the symposium. Dr. Mila Dimitrova-Vulchanova (Norwegian University of Science and Technology) and Dr. Emile van der Zee (University of Lincoln) will organize another workshop, on "Context Effects in Spatial Language". This workshop is integrated as a session in the main program. More information - including the workshop abstract and the list of participants - is available at the symposium web page.


The deadline for registration is July 31, 2006. If you want to participate in the symposium, we kindly ask you to register by e-mail to the address of the organizing committee: context-organizers (at) ling.helsinki.fi.

Registration fees:
* general: EUR 50
* members of the association: EUR 25
* undergraduate students free

Participants from abroad are requested to pay in cash upon arrival. Participants from Finland may send the registration fee by giro account no 800013-1424850 to The Linguistic Association of Finland (SKY) / Symposium or pay in cash upon arrival. If you pay to the account of the association, please include the code CONTEXT, as well as your name, so that we will know exactly who has already paid. If you have paid the registration fee in advance, please take the receipt with you. If you plan to pay upon arrival, note that we are only able to accept payments in cash.


The symposium web page also contains a link to the City of Turku Tourist Office http://www.turkutouring.fi/, where you can find links to the web pages of several hotels/hostels in Turku. The symposium venue, the humanities building Arken, is situated approx. 1.5 kilometers (approx. 0.9 miles) from the Turku city centre.

Looking forward to seeing you all in August,

The organizers

Chair: Urpo Nikanne (Åbo Akademi University)
Joanna Anckar (Åbo Akademi University), Marja Etelämäki (University of Helsinki), Pentti Haddington (University of Oulu), Emmi Hynönen (University of Turku), Mikko Laitinen (University of Helsinki), Heidi Merimaa (University of Turku), Heli Paulasto (University of Joensuu), Geda Paulsen (Åbo Akademi University), Oksana Petrova (Åbo Akademi University), Helena Pirttisaari (University of Helsinki), and Kaius Sinnemäki (University of Helsinki).

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