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Symposium to be held in Turku, in August 21–22, 2006


The Linguistic Association of Finland is organizing a symposium on "Structure and Context" to be held in Turku, Finland, August 21-22, 2006.


The symposium concentrates on the interaction of linguistic structures and context. We invite papers addressing theoretical questions as well as papers taking a specific (empirical) viewpoint on one (or more) particular language(s).

Every linguist working on any kind of structural description has to deal with context, or co-text. Many phenomena are said to be context-dependent.
What, then, is the 'context' that these phenomena are related to, and how should this relationship be described? Context is a topic that is common among linguists from different schools of thought even if they have different ways of treating it. The symposium offers linguists a possibility to discuss the topic from various angles and learn from each other's views.

Problems concerning context are for instance the following:

  • What is a sufficient context?
  • What belongs / does not belong in the context?
  • What is the proper description of context for different linguistic phenomena?
  • Should the theoretical description distinguish between the structure and the context?
  • What does context-dependency mean for particular linguistic phenomena?

We encourage contributions broadly from diverse areas of linguistics, including traditional theoretical linguistics, experimental psycholinguistics, linguist working on spoken language, historical linguistics, grammar, constructions, text, typology, etc.

Plenary speakers

  • Arvi Hurskainen (University of Helsinki)
  • Anna Siewierska (University of Lancaster)
  • Marja-Liisa Helasvuo (Turun yliopisto)


  • lectures by plenary speakers
  • presentations by other participants (20 min + 10 min for discussion)
  • posters

Symposium venue

The Åbo Akademi University, Humanities building (Arken), Tehtaankatu 2, Turku, Finland.
For further information on the location, see the Åbo Akademi University web


The deadline for the submission of abstracts (in English; max 500 words) is March 31st, 2006. Please submit your abstract by e-mail to the following
address: context-organizers (at) ling.helsinki.fi

The abstract should be included in the body of the message. (However, if it includes special symbols, we would appreciate a pdf-attachment.) Please indicate clearly whether your abstract is intended as a poster or a section paper. Participants will be notified about acceptance by April 28th 2006.

The abstracts will be published on the web pages of the symposium at http://www.ling.helsinki.fi/sky/tapahtumat/context/context.shtml


Registration fees:

  • general: EUR 50
  • members of the association: EUR 25
  • undergraduate students free

Participants from abroad are requested to pay in cash upon arrival.
Participants from Finland may send the registration fee by giro account no 800013-1424850 to The Linguistic Association of Finland (SKY) / Symposium or pay in cash upon arrival.

In case you have further questions please email context-organizers (at) ling.helsinki.fi. Check for information updates at the symposium website:

Organizing committee:

Joanna Anckar
Marja Etelämäki
Pentti Haddington
Emmi Hynönen
Mikko Laitinen
Urpo Nikanne
Heli Paulasto
Geda Paulsen
Oksana Petrova
Helena Pirttisaari
Kaius Sinnemäki

E-mail: <context-organizers (at) ling.helsinki.fi>

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