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Symposium to be held in Helsinki, August 24-26, 2005


Wednesday, August 24, 2005
09.00-10.00 Registration
10.00-10.15 Opening - Fred Karlsson
10.15-11.15 Plenum (room 104): John McWhorter: Revisiting the Creole Prototype: Signs of Age in Analytic Grammars
room 104 room 505
11.20-11.50 Patrick Juola: Compression-based analysis of language complexity Jung-Tae Kim: Second Language Text Processing and Induced Schema
11.55-12.25 Ramon Ferrer i Cancho: Recent advances in information and network theory about the complexity of human language Hung Ha: Applying Concept Map to develop a new Technical Writing technique for enhancing Reading comprehension performance
12.25-14.00 LUNCH
14.00-14.30 Relja Vulanovic: On Measuring Language Complexity as Relative to the Conveyed Linguistic Information Tarik Hadzibeganovic: Modeling the Effects of Sublexical Features and Letter Order in Transposition Priming Experiments
14.35-15.05 August Fenk, Gertraud Fenk-Oczlon, and Lisa Fenk: The balance between word complexity and syllable complexity Aleth Bolt: The complexity of grammatical metaphors
15.05-15.30 COFFEE

Rigina Turunen: Nominal predicate constructions in Erzya

Joke de Lange: Optional Determiners in Child Language and Headlines
16.05-16.35 Christophe Coupé, Egidio Marsico, and François Pellegrino: Complex patterns in phonological systems Françoise Ratzlaff, and Gordon Ratzlaff: Language Complexity and Multilingual Learning
16.40-17.40 Plenum (room 104): Wouter Kusters: Making Complexity Simpler: A Theoretical Evaluation of Some Unfounded Ideas and Unnecessary confusions
18.30 Reception

Thursday, August 25, 2005
room 104  
08.30-09.00 Matti Miestamo: Approaching grammatical complexity from a crosslinguistic point of view  

Gertraud Fenk-Oczlon, and August Fenk: Linguistic complexity from a systemic perspective

09.35-10.05 Kaius Sinnemäki: Complex combinations of case marking, agreement and word order  
10.05-10.25 BREAK
10.25-10.55 Eva Lindström: Interlinguistic difficulty: one cup complexity and two cups linguistic baggage?  
11.00-11.30 Elizabeth M. Riddle: Complexity in Isolating Languages: Lexical Elaboration vs. Grammatical Economy  
11.35-12.35 Plenum (room 104): Ritva Laury: Complexity of Spoken Language
12.35-14.00 LUNCH
14.00-14.30 David Gil: How Complex Are Isolating Languages?  
14.35-15.05 Parth Bhatt, and Emmanuel Nikiema: Segmental and Syllabic Complexity: The case of R in Haitian Creole  
15.05-15.30 COFFEE
15.30-16.00 Mikael Parkvall: The simplicity of creoles in a typological perspective  
16.05-16.35 Angela Bartens, and Niclas Sandström: “Redundant” marking more or less complex?  
16.40-17.40 Plenum (room 104): John McWhorter: Grammatical Reduction and Language Contact Typology
19.00 Conference dinner at Restaurant Walhalla

Friday, August 26, 2005
room 104 room 505
09.00-09.30 Carmen Scherer: Complexity and productivity in word formation Frédérique Gayraud, and Bruno Martinie: Are "complex sentences" really difficult to process?
09.35-10.05 Harald Hammarström: Creoles and Complexity in Numeral Systems Claire Delle Luche, Frédérique Gayraud, Bruno Martinie, and Fanny Meunier-Hoen: To what extent does the difficulty of processing relative clauses parallel typological complexity?
10.05-10.30 COFFEE
10.30-11.00 Päivi Juvonen: Complexity and simplicity in minimal lexica: on multifunctional lexical items and compositionality in pidgin lexica Kurt Feyaerts, and Geert Brône: The effect of inferential complexity on the processing and appreciation of humorous utterances

Casper de Groot: Morphological complexity and language typology. The case of language change in Hungarian by language contact

Antje Dammel, and Sebastian Kürschner: Complexity in nominal plural allomorphy – a contrastive survey of ten Germanic languages
11.40-12.10 Östen Dahl: Changes in structural complexity as a diachronic phenomenon Anssi Yli-Jyrä: A Measure for Syntactic Complexity of Non-Projective Dependency Tree
12.10-13.30 LUNCH
13.30-14.30 Plenum (room 104): Wouter Kusters: Making Complexity Complexer: A Discussion of the Complexities of Simplification in four Quechua Varieties
14.30-15.00 Final discussion and closing