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Symposium to be held in Helsinki, August 24-26, 2005

* * * First Circular, June 27, 2005 * * *

The Linguistic Association of Finland and the Department of General Linguistics University of Helsinki jointly organize the symposium "Approaches to complexity in language" August 24-26, 2005. The symposium will take place in Helsinki in The House of Sciences - or Tieteiden talo in Finnish (street address: Kirkkokatu 6).


The preliminary program of the symposium as well as the abstracts for the section papers are now available at the Symposium web page http://www.ling.helsinki.fi/sky/tapahtumat/complexity/complexity.shtml. In addition to plenary lectures and section papers, the program also includes the workshop "Consequences of informational complexity for human language processing," organized by Dr. Fermin Moscoso del Prado Martin (Medical Research Council - Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit Cambridge, UK). The workshop will run as a separate parallel session on Thursday August 25, 2005. More information - including the workshop abstract and the list of participants - is available at the symposium web page.


The deadline for registration is August 1, 2005. If you want to participate in the symposium, we kindly ask you to register by e-mail to the address of the organizing committee: complexity-organizers (at) ling.helsinki.fi.

Registration fees:
* general: EUR 50
* members of the association: EUR 25
* undergraduate students free
Participants from abroad are requested to pay in cash upon arrival. Participants from Finland may send the registration fee by giro account no 800013-1424850 to The Linguistic Association of Finland (SKY) / Symposium or pay in cash upon arrival. If you pay on the account of the association, please do remember to include the code COMPLEXITY, as well as your name, so that we will know exactly who has already paid.


The symposium web page also contains a link to the City of Helsinki Tourist Office, where, in addition to all kinds of useful information, you can find a link to the Hotel Booking Center. You can access the Hotel Booking Center directly from http://www.helsinkiexpert.fi/accommodation/varaa.html.

Looking forward to seeing you in August,

The organizers (Marja Etelämäki, Pentti Haddington, Soili Hakulinen, Arja Hamari, Emmi Hynönen, Fred Karlsson, Seppo Kittilä, Matti Miestamo, Urpo Nikanne, Heli Pitkänen, Kaius Sinnemäki)

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