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Definition: loss of detail in a translation; a translation with this feature
Source Newmark 1988, Delisle 1999
FI: alikntminen
SV: underversttning
DE: Unterdifferenzierung, bergeneralisierung
FR: sous-traduction

unit of translation > translation unit

unit shift
Definition: syntactic translation technique or strategy; a change of unit from source to target (the units are sentence, clause, phrase, word, morpheme)
Source: Catford 1965
FI: yksiknvaihdos, yksiknvaihto
SV: enhetsbyte
DE: Einheitswechsel
FR: changement dunit

verbal consistency
Definition: policy of translating the same source-text word always by the same target-text word in a given text (compare contextual consistecy)
FI: sanakonkordanssi
SV: ordkonkordans
DE: verbale Konsistenz
FR: cohrence lexicale

Definition: a feature that distinguishes translating from interpreting: translators can revise as they translate
Source: Reiss and Vermeer 1984
FI: kontrolloitavuus, korjattavuus, tarkastettavuus
SV: kontrollerbarhet
DE: Kontrollierbarkeit
FR: vrifiabilit

Definition 1: a possible translation, one of several
Definition 2: a kind of translation that is so changed from the original that one does not want to call it a translation
FI: versio
SV: version
DE: Version
FR: version (Note: version in French normally means a translation into the mother tongue)

vertical translation
Definition: translation between a high-status culture and a low-status one,
especially with reference to the Middle Ages
Source: Folena 1974/1991
FI: vertikaalinen knns
SV: vertikal versttning
DE: vertikale bersetzung
FR: traduction verticale

visibility change
Definition: pragmatic translation technique or strategy involving a change in the status of the authors presence, or concerning the overt intrusion or foregrounding of the translators presence; e.g. via translators footnotes, bracketed comments (such as explanations of puns) or added glosses
FI: nkyvyyden muutos
SV: visibilitetbyte, frndrad synlighet
DE: Sichtbarkeitswechsel
FR: changement de visibilit

voice over, voice-over
Definition: form of audiovisual translation, in which the original sound can still be heard in the background while the translated speech is broadcast over the original
FI: voice over
SV: voice over
DE: Begleitkommentar
FR: voice over

whispered interpreting, chuchotage
Definition: interpreting where the interpreter, not sitting in a special booth but close to the client, whispers the translation simultaneously to the client
FI: kuiskaustulkkaus
SV: viskningstolkning
DE: Flsterdolmetschen
FR: interprtation chuchote, chuchotage

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