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justification procedure
Definition: research procedure starting with a given notion of equivalence, and using it to explain a translators decisions and hence certain features of the target text
Source: Toury 1995
FI: oikeutusmenettely
SV: bevisfringsprocedur
DE: Rechtfertigungsverfahren
FR: procdure de justification

kernel structure
Definition: simple kind of deep structure in which complex source-text structures are broken down into simpler elements and disambiguated in order to make them more transparent and easier to translate
Source: Nida 1964
FI: ydinrakenne
SV: krnstruktur
DE: Kernstruktur
FR: structure noeud

lacuna, lexical gap
Definition: lack of a term in the target language that would correspond closely to one existing in the source language
FI: aukko
SV: lucka
DE: Lcke
FR: absence, vide, lacune, trou lexical

lag, dcalage
Definition: the time gap (ear-voice span) between a speaker and a simultaneous interpreter
FI: viive
SV: decalage
DE: (der) Time Lag
FR: dcalage

layout change
Definition: pragmatic translation strategy involving a change in the layout of the text
FI: layoutin muutos, taittoasun muutos
SV: layoutbyte, frndrad layout
DE: Layoutswechsel
FR: changement de mise en page

level shift
Definition: translation technique involving a change in which the expression of a particular aspect of meaning moves from one level to another (the levels are phonology, morphology, syntax and lexis)
Source: Catford 1965
FI: tason vaihdos
SV: nivbyte
DE: nderung der Ebenen
FR: changement de niveau

lexical density
Definition: proportion of lexical words in a given text; measured as the ratio of lexical words to grammatical (functional) words, or to the total number of words or sentences
FI: leksikaalinen tiheys
SV: lexikal tthet
DE: lexikalische Dichte
FR: densit lexicale

lexical gap > lacuna

lexical variety
Definition: measure of the richness of vocabulary in a given text or corpus, usually expressed as the proportion of word-types to word-tokens
FI: leksikaalinen vaihtelu
SV: lexical variation
DE: lexikalische Variett
FR: varit lexicale

literal translation
Definition: syntactic translation technique or strategy leading to a close translation; a grammatical but not necessarily idiomatic translation
FI: kirjaimellinen knns, sananmukainen knns, sanasanainen knns
SV: ordagrann versttning, bokstavlig versttning
DE: wrtliche bersetzung, wort-wrtliche bersetzung
FR: traduction littrale, transcodage

loan, borrowing
Definition: translation technique whereby a source-language word is transferred directly into the target-language text. Example: sauna in an English text
FI: laina
SV: ln
DE: Entlehnung
FR: emprunt

loan translation > calque

local strategy
Definition: translation strategy concerning a particular unit of translation or a particular type of problem, such as a way of translating a metaphor, or the use of transpositions or modulations or shifts; for some scholars, a synonym for technique (compare global strategy)
FI: lokaali(nen) strategia, paikallisstrategia
SV: lokal strategi
DE: lokale Strategie
FR: stratgie locale

localization, localisation
Definition: process of adapting texts, particularly software and software manuals, to local cultural conditions
FI: lokalisointi
SV: lokalisering
DE: Lokalisierung
FR: localisation

Definition: translators ethical attitude towards source-text writer, sender, target-text receiver, and any other agents involved
FI: lojaalius
SV: lojalitet
DE: Loyalitt
FR: loyaut (professionnelle)

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