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game theory
Definition: theory used to describe a decision-making process (e.g. the translators) as a series of moves like in chess
Source: Levy 1967
FI: peliteoria
SV: spelteori
DE: Spieltheorie
FR: thorie des jeux

Definition: translation technique or strategy where the translator chooses a more general term than the one in the source text; e.g. so that a hypernym (cover-term) in the target text corresponds to a hyponym in the source
FI: yleistminen, korvaaminen ylksitteell
SV: generalisering
DE: Generalisierung
FR: hyperonymisation

gist translation > summary translation

global strategy
Definition: general translation strategy referring to the overall approach to be taken when translating a given text, such as translate very freely, or make the translation sound strange and foreign (compare local strategy)
FI: globaali strategia
SV: global strategi
DE: globale Strategie
FR: stratgie globale

grammar translation
Definition: kind of translation that is grammatical, but not very idiomatic or natural target language; used in language teaching, to practise mastery of the target language and to test understanding of the source language
FI: kouluknns
SV: filologisk versttning
DE: philologische bersetzung
FR: traduction philologique

growing standardization, law of
Definition: law (or hypothesis) according to which translations tend to be stylistically more standardized, less marked, than their source texts
Source: Toury 1995
FI: lisntyvn standardisoitumisen laki
SV: lagen om kad standardisering
DE: Regel der wachsende Standardisierung
FR: loi de standardisation croissante

hermeneutic motion
Definition: philosophical model of the translation process, consisting of trust (that there is something there to be translated), aggression (into the source text), incorporation (of its meaning into the target language) and restitution (i.e. compensation for lost meaning and an addition of value a translated text has higher status)
Source: Steiner 1975
FI: hermeneuttinen liike
SV: hermeneutisk rrelse
DE: hermeneutischer Proze
FR: mouvement hermneutique

homophonic translation > phonemic translation

horizontal translation
Definition: translation between languages of equal status, especially as practised in the Middle Ages
Source: Folena 1974/1991
FI: horisontaalinen knns
SV: horisontal versttning
DE: horizontale bersetzung
FR: traduction horizontale

hybrid text
Definition: target text that exhibits features of both source and target cultures, and is accepted as such in the target culture.
Source: Schffner and Adab 2001
FI: hybriditeksti
SV: hybridtext
DE: hybrider Text
FR: texte hybride

Definition: information which is added by the interpreter in order to compensate for the hearers possible lack of any cultural background knowledge which is necessary for a proper understanding of the message
Source: Reiss and Vermeer 1984
FI: hyperinformaatio
SV: hyperinformation
DE: Hyperinformation
FR: hyperinformation

Definition: semantic translation technique involving a hyponymic change: source-text hyponym to target hypernym, source hypernym to target hyponym, or source hyponym to target co-hyponym; the relation between a hypernym and a hyponym
FI: hyponymia
SV: hyponymi
DE: Hyponymie
FR: stratgie hyponymique

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