Graduate School of Language Technology in Finland

Kieliteknologian valtakunnallinen tutkijakoulu - Språkteknologiska forskarskolan i Finland

The Graduate School of Language Technology in Finland (the KIT Graduate School) is a multidisciplinary national graduate school, which functions as part of the emerging network of graduate schools of language technology in the Nordic countries.

Our mission is to educate a new generation of researchers and teachers in language technology and closely related disciplines. These people will be well equipped to pursue high-quality multidisciplinary research and to cooperate between different scientific fields, thus securing national needs and the development of language technology in the future. Presumably, part of our students will take on demanding tasks in the industry after graduating.

More detailed information on the objectives and organization can be found in the application for the foundation of the Graduate School (in Finnish). The school was granted a total of five graduate assistantships for the four-year period 2002 - 2005, and it was granted a second period 2006-2009 also with five PhD student positions (see the call for applications).

The KIT Graduate School works in cooperation with the GENST-NET project funded by the Nordic Research Policy Council. This makes it possible for our students to participate in courses arranged by other graduate schools in language technology throughout the Nordic countries, and likewise graduate students from elsewhere can take part in the courses arranged by the KIT Graduate School.


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