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Helper for the Background Material of Mohri's Course on Weighted Finite-State Transducers in Text and Speech Processing

Edited by Anssi Yli-Jyrä

Note:Anssi will give an introductory lecture on the subject on 28 April 2002 from 14:00 o'clock at Siltavuorenpenger. Join in if you are interested! There will be lots of time for questions.

The items 1-4 below contain references to introductory material in Finite-State Transducers (FST). They are not required if the student is already familiar with the finite-state technology. Before you can learn about Weighted FSTs you should have learned what finite-state transducers are and why they are useful. The readings 1-2 below are application oriented and easy for a novice. The readings 3 and 4 construct a theoretical basis which should cover a lot of the background which is assumed in the course on weighted finite-state transducers.

The background articles in (5) will be studied during the course. They are mainly very difficult and a novice should know that this true also for advanced students. The function of the course is to make the central results in these articles more accessible to the students. However, it would be beneficial if the students have a look at some of the most accessible sections in these articles as listed below in (5). These sections amount for some 10 pages in total.

1. Lauri Karttunen, Jean-Pierre Chanod, Gregory Grefenstette, Anne Schiller. 1996. Regular Expressions for Language Engineering. Natural Language Engineering, 2 (4) 305-328.Cambridge University Press.

2. Xeroxin Äärellisten Automaattien Kääntäjä. A WWW document. The Document Company - Xerox, XRCE.

3. Emmanuel Roche and Yves Schabes. Introduction to Finite-State Devices in Natural Language Processing. In Finite-state Language Processing, E. Roche and Y. Schabes (eds.). Also available as Technical Report MERL-TR-96-13, Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories.

4. Lauri Karttunen. A short history of two-level morphology. Presented at ESSLLI 2001 Special Event "Twenty Years of Two-Level Morphology" organised by Lauri Karttunen, Kimmo Koskenniemi and Gertjan van Noord. Helsinki.

5. Articles mentioned in the articles section of the course page.:

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