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CLT310: Stanford Natural Language Processing - 2012k


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This course is based on the Natural Language Processing course offered free and online to students worldwide by Stanford University.

The recommended prerequisites are either the Language Technology course 404731 Statistical Parsing Methods (CLT350) or the Computer Science course 582602 Natural Language Processing. However, the Stanford course can be taken at the same time as CLT350 if students are able to undertake the extra workload.



  • The course materials will be provided online by Stanford University. They will include video lectures, detailed lecture notes, multi-choice quizzes, and weekly programming assignments.
  • There will be support sessions in Helsinki, where students can ask questions about the online materials, work on the quizzes and programming assignments, and get help with specific problems.
  • Stanford will grade the quizzes and the programming assignments. There will be no Stanford University credits, but students who complete the course will receive a statement of accomplishment.
  • The programming assignments (but not the quizzes) must also be submitted to the teacher in Helsinki. Credits will be given by the teacher based on students' overall work on the Stanford course.

Paikka ja aika:

  • The course runs in Period 3 (16.1.2012 - 2.3.2012).
  • The first support session is Monday 16.1.2012 at 16.15 in Metsätalo Room 25. Check the course calendar regularly for updates.



  • Online materials, see the links in the side panel.

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