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CLT236: XML - 2010-2011


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  • Lecture notes
  • Further reading
  • Practical work with HTML
    • Make an HTML web page for the LiTeR Group. Include a title, a heading, a staff table, some bullet points, and some hyperlinks.
    • Don't use any special web design tools - write the HTML statements yourself using jEdit. You can get help with HTML examples from Sizzling Jalfrezi.
    • Include some graphics, but not too much - see Animated GIFs.
    • Save your HTML file in a subdirectory. View it with different browsers (for example Firefox, Konqueror). Are there any differences?
  • Practical work with CSS
    • Work step by step through CSS Tutorial: Starting with HTML and CSS (W3C).
    • In Step 1: Writing the HTML, create a file mypage.html using jEdit. Copy and paste the HTML from the tutorial into the file and view it in a web browser.
    • Work through Steps 2-6, editing the file in jEdit and viewing the page in the browser at each step.
    • In the last Step 7, use jEdit to create a separate file mystyle.css and add the link to mypage.html.

Assignment 1.

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