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PL 24 (Unioninkatu 40)

Puhelin +358 (09) 1911 (vaihde)
Faksi +358 (09) 191 28313

Getting Started with LKB

Running LKB on ruuvi.

  • From /web/ling/kit/2009s/clt361/priv/sh,
    copy the script clt361-lkb.sh to your directory
    and make it executable (chmod +x clt361-lkb.sh).
  • Start LKB on ruuvi by
    ./clt361-lkb.sh &
    The "LKB Top" window will appear.

Installing LKB yourself.

  • You can also download and install LKB yourself, on either Windows or Linux systems. Follow the instructions at LKB Installation.
  • LKB is open source. It's implemented in Common Lisp, but it can be used as a self-contained "black box". You don't need to install Lisp, and you don't need to know anything about Lisp programming in order to use LKB.

A First Session with LKB.

  • LKB is documented in the book Implementing Typed Feature Structure Grammars by Ann Copestake (University of Cambridge). Chapter 2 is available on the web.
  • Download Contents and Chapter 2 (PDF). Follow the step-by-step instructions in Chapter 2: A First Session with the LKB System, starting from section 2.2. The location of the g8gap grammar (starting from the LKB installation directory) is lkb/src/data/itfs/g8gap.
© 2006-2010 Graham Wilcock

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