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11. Using XSL-FO.

  • Lecture notes
  • Practical work: Transforming Sonnet 130 to PDF
    • Check you have subfolders "in", "out", "lib" and "xslt" in your Windows folder.
      Copy sonnet130.xml and sonnet.dtd to "in".
      Copy Tidwell's sonnet-fo.xsl stylesheet (updated by G. Wilcock) to "xslt".
      Check you have all the jar files from this FOP/lib directory in your "lib".
    • In jEdit's XSLT plugin panel, transform sonnet130.xml using sonnet-fo.xsl. Save the output in "out" as sonnet130.fo.
    • Check you have the Ant buildfile clt236-fop-build.xml in your Windows folder.
      In jEdit's AntFarm panel, check that this file is in the list of buildfiles, and click on it to expand the targets. Click on the "FOPAntTask" target to run it.
    • The FOP Ant task converts all XSL-FO files in "out" into PDF files.
      Check if sonnet130.pdf exists in "out", and view it with Adobe Reader.
  • Practical work on Linux

Assignment 5.

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