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6. Chunking and Chunkers 1.

  • Lecture notes
  • Further reading
  • Practical work
    • In IDLE, run this NLTK application:
      >>> nltk.app.chunkparser()
    • When the demo starts, the sentence in the lower panel shows "Confidence/NN" in red and "the/DT pound/NN" in red.
    • In the upper panel, you type regular expressions for NP chunks. Start with just:
      This makes "Confidence/NN" turn green, but "the/DT pound/NN" is still partly red.
    • Edit the grammar by adding a determiner:
      This makes "the/DT pound/NN" turn green, but now "Confidence/NN" is red again.
    • Make the determiner optional:
      Now both "Confidence/NN" and "the/DT pound/NN" are green but "another sharp dive" is partly red.
    • Challenge: Can you make all the red phrases turn green, by improving the regexp grammar for NP chunks?
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