Learning Python: Child's Play with RUR-PLE!

André Roberge, © 2004, 2005, 2006

The following is a list of all available lessons.

Part 1. Welcome to Reeborg's world.

In this first part, we start our learning adventure in Reeborg's world. We will learn how to write some simple computer programs.

Part 2. Reeborg knows Python.

In this second part, we will learn our first Python keywords and how we can use them to help Reeborg accomplish various tasks of increasing difficulty while making it easier for us to write programs.

Part 3. Python, the interpreter.

In this third part, we will learn about the Python interpreter. We will also learn about numbers, strings, lists, tuples and dictionaries. This third part is very similar to a traditional beginner's tutorial to Python ... except that we can still have fun with Reeborg!

Future lessons

Here are a few incomplete lessons that will likely be part of futre relases.


Summary of instructions