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ctl254: Kontekstittomat jäsennysmenetelmät (Context-Free Parsing Methods) - syksy 2006


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PL 9 (Siltavuorenpenger 20 A)
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  • Basic knowledge of syntactic concepts (for example Cyk215)
  • Knowledge of Prolog programming (for example ctl272 or clt271)
  • Knowledge of English phrase structures (NPs, PPs, VPs)


  • This is a "legacy" course. It is only intended for students who need to complete the "old" degree requirements. Students who are following the "new" degree requirements should take courses clt261, clt271 and clt371.
  • This course investigates natural language parsing using context-free grammars. Starting from elementary CFGs and simple parsing with Prolog DCGs, students gradually extend their knowledge of parsing techniques to include top-down and bottom-up strategies, chart parsing, and handling ill-formed input. At the same time, students extend their knowledge of implementing grammatical descriptions to include more complex linguistic feature structures. The later stages of the course include parsing with Head-driven Phrase Structure Grammar (HPSG).

Kurssin sisältö:

  • Parsing with context-free grammars
  • Top-down and bottom-up parsing
  • Well-formed substring tables and chart parsing
  • Representing linguistic features
  • Combining syntax and semantics
  • Typed feature structures
  • Parsing with HPSG grammars
  • The lexicon and lexical rules


  • Gazdar & Mellish, Natural Language Processing in Prolog,
    Addison-Wesley, 1989.
  • Sag & Wasow, Syntactic Theory: A Formal Introduction,
    CSLI Publications, 1999.
Kurssin laajuus opintopisteinä:
2 ov.


Graham Wilcock.
The course is passed by studying the on-line study materials and completing the six practical assignments. There is no exam.
Paikka ja aika:
The course takes place 30.10.-15.12.2006. There are no lectures or lab classes. See the course calendar for assignment deadlines. Please contact course assistant Roope Havu with any queries.
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