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clt232: Rakenteisten dokumenttien käsittely (Structured Documents Processing) - syksy 2006


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3. More HTML and CSS

  • Lecture notes
  • Practical work
    • Work step by step through CSS Tutorial: Starting with HTML and CSS (W3C).
    • In Step 1: Writing the HTML, create a file mypage.html using jEdit. Copy and paste the HTML from the tutorial into the file and view it in a web browser.
    • Work through Steps 2-6, editing the file in jEdit and viewing the page in the browser at each step.
    • In the last Step 7, use jEdit to create a separate file mystyle.css and add the link to mypage.html.

4. Text formatting with LaTeX

  • Lecture notes
  • Practical work
    • To do the LaTeX practical work, start XSession and login to venus via Putty (make sure "Enable X11 forwarding" is ticked in Putty configuration). Run GNU Emacs on venus to edit your LaTeX files.
    • Study A Simplified Introduction to LaTeX (.pdf) by Harvey Greenberg (University of Colorado), Sections 1 and 2.
    • Do the "hello world" example in Section 1 (Overview). Use Emacs to create myfile.tex. Initially, use Linux shell commands (latex, xdvi, dvips -o) to process it.
    • On venus you can run latex and xdvi inside Emacs (using AUC TeX). Repeat "hello world" inside Emacs, running latex and xdvi by ctrl-C ctrl-C.
    • Work carefully through Section 2 (Text) and try out the examples, but don't submit the exercises. You'll do a LaTeX assignment next week.
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